About Eridan

We are connecting the planet to empower a sustainable, shared future.

We began with a fundamental technological question.

Eridan was founded in 2013 in Santa Clara, CA to explore the idea of a polar transmitter built in Gallium Nitride.

By combining Earl McCune’s experience with polar transmitters, Dubravko Babic’s experience with Gallium Nitride, and Doug Kirkpatrick’s ability to fill in the gaps, we reached a new level of tunability, energy efficiency, and clean signals with over 29 US patents issued and pending.

After acquiring an initial exploratory contract with DARPA, we realized our MIRACLE Module provides major solutions in 5G small cells and massive MIMO, IoT, satellite communications, and more. We are enabling fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity everywhere.

Our team has grown since then (and continues to grow rapidly) to become a casual and energetic environment. We currently have two locations: Sunnyvale in California, USA and Zagreb, Croatia. To learn more about joining Eridan, please visit our Careers page.

Meet the Team

Douglas Kirkpatrick, CEO

Dubravko Babić, President, Eridan Croatia

Amy Lamboley, VP of Marketing & Business Development

George Palmer, VP of Operations

Kamlesh Rath, VP of Engineering

Susy Kamin, VP of People

Leon Šneler, Director of GaN Engineering

Mashrur Mohiuddin, Director of Application Engineering

Shawn Knapp, Director of Test Engineering

Zhuan Ye, Director of FPGA Engineering

Samaya, Chief Dog Officer

Earl McCune, CTO, 2013-2020

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