An RF Technology Breakthrough

With over 28 US patents issued and pending, Eridan’s RFFE module uses an entirely new method to generate radio frequency signals at power.

Broadband Performance

Eridan’s RF front-end module provides faster connectivity by putting more data bandwidth into existing wireless spectrum.

For Everyone, Everywhere

Eridan’s low-power, high bandwidth performance leads to equipment that’s smaller and lighter, making infrastructure easier and less expensive to install.

A More Sustainable Network

Eridan’s RF front-end module has unparalleled power efficiency, making wireless networks sustainable and viable for 5G and beyond.

The Eridan MIRACLE RF Front End Module
rewrites the cost equation for 5G

5-10x less power for the same coverage

3-5x lower installed cost for smaller and lighter equipment

30-50% more capacity in existing spectrum with 4G or 5G

For Small Cells

For Massive MIMO

And Beyond

Ready to see a MIRACLE in action?

The MIRACLE Transceiver DevKits are available now.

We’re building the future of wireless communications

Founded in 2013 by three engineering PhDs, Eridan Communications is building transformational wireless technology to improve connectivity for every person on earth.

Eridan MIRACLE RFFE Module