Eridan exists because of the amazing people working here, so we will be introducing you to them. Sakar Dhakal is an Embedded Software Engineer at Eridan and this is his journey.

When did you start at Eridan and how did you find out about the company? Any previous experiences?

I have been a part of Eridan since August 2021. After I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I was looking for jobs that best suited my experience and found out about Eridan through a job posting online. This is my first full time job right out of college.

How would you describe Eridan? Did anything surprise you once you started working here?

I would describe Eridan as a group of hardworking people working together in cross-functional teams strongly dedicated towards making the company’s commercial vision come to life. With no previous knowledge of the 5G stack, I found its complexity quite surprising and was impressed by the company’s expertise in the technology. It also has been surprising to see how rapidly the company has grown since I joined.

What’s making you stay at Eridan? What future do you see with Eridan?

Eridan has been invaluable in providing me with the opportunity to learn and better myself at the fastest rate possible, which is exactly what I was looking for from my first job. Even though my title in the company is “Embedded Software Engineer,” my experience so far has not been restricted to just that. I have had exposure to working directly with the company’s hardware and a variety of fields within software engineering. There are a lot of things lined up in the future for our commercial goal. I am excited to see our growth and be able to contribute.

Any difficult aspects about Eridan? And on the flip side, what’s the most memorable moment at Eridan so far?

It is easy to get overwhelmed looking at the path ahead of us, but what I like about the company is how it also values employee’s personal well being. Our CEO’s words, “it is not a race, it is a marathon,” emphasizing the importance of taking breathers has stuck with me. I find it hard to single out one memorable moment, as my journey with the company so far and the experience I have gained is something that I will remember and carry over into my future. However if I had to pick one, it would be seeing an FPGA boot up successfully with a build I created for the first time.

How do you spend your time outside of Eridan?

Outside of work, I like to play video games, play the guitar, watch movies/series, travel someplace, or learn a new skill.