About Eridan

Eridan is building 5G radios to enable seamless wireless connectivity everywhere in the world.


We’re delivering the world’s most energy efficient, bandwidth efficient, and spectrum efficient radio, massively increasing wireless communications capacity for users everywhere.


Eridan was founded in 2013 in Santa Clara, CA by Doug Kirkpatrick, Dubravko Babic, and Earl McCune. Together, founding team members have been responsible for 12 previous startups and 400 US patents, and nurtured numerous products from inception through to scale.


We value diversity of background, experience, and perspective, and appreciate contributors that understand that product innovation is a team sport. We’re poised to grow and always looking for new talent – please contact us if you’re interested in becoming part of the Eridan team.

Meet the Team

Douglas Kirkpatrick, CEO

Douglas Kirkpatrick is a VC and former Chief Scientist at DARPA, where he led projects ranging from rapid DNA synthesis to real-time holographic displays. Prior to DARPA, Dr. Kirkpatrick was the VP of R&D for Fusion Lighting, a Maryland-based high-efficiency lighting startup, and prior to that a staff scientist and VP at SAIC.

Dr. Kirkpatrick received his BS degree (Physics & Mathematics) from the College of William and Mary (1980) and his Ph.D. from MIT in 1988 (Physics). He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and has authored more than 30 journal articles and 60 US and international patents.

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Eve Cohen, CFO

Eve Cohen has over 20 years of accounting, finance and operations experience in the large corporate and start-up spheres. Eridan is her 6th growth company. She spent 3 years in Japan with Apple, Inc. and has been a financial manager to companies in the semiconductor, solar, biotechnology and internet security spaces.

Ms. Cohen has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Dubravko Babić, President, Eridan Croatia

Dubravko Babić is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb, and former VP RF Electronics for Group4 Labs, where he managed the development of RF power amplifiers based on GaN-on-diamond technology. In 1999, he founded Alvésta Corporation where he served as CEO and subsequently as CTO, developing high-speed multichannel fiber-optic modules. Prior to that he worked at Hewlett Packard Laboratories.

Dr. Babić has over 140 publications and has been named inventor on 35 US patents.

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Amy Lamboley, Director of Marketing

Amy Lamboley has over 10 years of telecommunications marketing experience, working in startups and established global organizations. Prior to joining Eridan, Amy led product marketing for Tata Communications’ $1.5B voice services portfolio, and prior to that worked with clients including Equinix, Vodafone, and Hudson Fiber Networks as head of Account Strategy at STC Associates. Eridan is the third startup for which Amy has led marketing, and her technology experience includes enterprise software, clean tech, autonomous vehicles and IOT.

Amy studied history at the University of Chicago, and in her spare time she likes to cook for her family and friends.

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Greg Uehara, Vice President of Engineering

Greg has over 30 years of experience in industry and academia developing analog, mixed-signal, RF, power management, and digital integrated circuits for communication, magnetic storage, display, and cellular and wireless systems. Prior to joining Eridan, he served as engineering VP at a Chinese
company to improve the engineering culture and fix design problems.

Greg has been issued 40 patents and has an extensive research background.

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Frank Marazita, Vice President of Operations

Frank Marazita has over 30 years of experience in technology manufacturing with experience including multiple startups and established public companies. Prior to joining Eridan, Frank held VP Operations roles at Ambiq Microsystems, Amalfi Semiconductor, Exar Corp, Analogix Semiconductor and ATI.  Additionally has held senior Engineering Management Roles at Sun Microsystems, and National Semiconductor.

Frank has been issued seven semiconductor patents and holds a BSEE degree from Michigan State University.

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Fulvio Bonecchi, Director of RF System

Fulvio is a senior technologist with more than 25 years of experience in the RF/microwave digital communication industry, including circuit design, system architecture, integration, and testing. Prior to joining Eridan, Fulvio has worked in startups as well as established companies like Siemens-Nokia, Ericsson Microwave, Teledyne.

He has patents and several publications in the microwave circuits and satellite communications area. He enjoys spending his free time with family and playing soccer with his two children.

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Rick Booth, Chief Engineer Emeritus

Richard Booth is a radio systems design and implementation engineer and has designed receivers, frequency synthesizers, transmitters, slotted wave guide antennas and various phase locked systems. His current interest is the design of polar or envelope elimination and restoration RF transmitters at all power levels and frequencies up to 3 GHz. He has worked mostly at small companies and startups and was most recently retired from Panasonic R&D.

He received his BS from MIT in 1969 and his PhD from USC in 1974, all in Electrical Engineering, and has 25 patents and several publications. In his spare time he plays with his dogs.

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Quentin Diduck, Director RF Devices

Quentin has over 10 years of experience with RF applications for Gallium Nitride, including conducting novel research and development. Prior to joining Eridan, he worked extensively in start-ups, some focused on other applications for Gallium Nitride.

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The Eridan Team

Earl McCune, CTO, 2013-2020

Earl McCune was an Eridan cofounder and CTO until his sudden death in May, 2020.  Earl was a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur with nearly 40 years of experience in the wireless communications industry, including founding two successful start-ups: Digital RF Solutions (1986-1991, merged with Proxim) and Tropian (1996–2006, acquired by Panasonic).

Earl McCune received his BS/EECS degree from UC Berkeley, his MSEE (Radioscience) from Stanford University, and his Ph.D. from UC Davis in 1979, 1983, and 1998 respectively. He is a named inventor on 86 issued US patents, and is the author of Practical Digital Wireless Signals (Cambridge University Press 2010).