Fast, reliable, wireless connectivity,

anywhere in the world.

Eridan makes it possible.

The Eridan MIRACLE transceiver
rewrites the cost equation for 5G

5-10x less power

per GB transmitted

2-3x lower CAPEX

for equivalent-capacity equipment

50-100x more capacity

in existing spectrum


Unparalleled power efficiency. Tunable in software. Extremely precise signal generation.

What sort of MIRACLE do you need?

Massive MIMO

The ideal solution for dense arrays.

Small Cells

Shrink equipment footprint.

Defense and Public Safety

Lighten the load.


Low power and design simplification.


Build once, ship everywhere.

And Beyond

A MIRACLE for every connected device.

Ready to see a MIRACLE in action?

The MIRACLE Transceiver DevKits are available now.

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